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Dodge the cops and get away with the cash!

Rob and Banks, two career criminals, are planning the biggest heist of their lives.  Clean out the banks, grab whatever you can, and don’t get caught!  How much money can you steal before the cops put you away for good?

Game Overview



Release Date

September 2022


Ryan Witmer


Atari 5200

A conversion of the Data East arcade game Lock ‘n’ Chase, Rob ‘n’ Banks brings all the arcade action to your 5200 console.

Rob each bank and make your escape, avoiding the pursuing cops and strategically closing doors to cover your path.  Grab the bonuses when you can for big bonus points!

Programmed by Ryan Witmer

Music and sound effects by Bobby Clark

Graphics by Konstantinos Giamalidis



One or two players

Single player and alternating two-player modes.


For Use With

North American and other NTSC television sets only

Compatible Controllers

Atari 5200 joysticks

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Champion Edition

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