Rats have infested the city sewers!

Round ’em up for big points, but beware of the alligators lurking in the pipes! Paralyzing sewer gas and shocking ball lightning have been seen on deeper levels, and mysterious gremlins prowl in the darkness.

The city water system can save you… or end your career

Game Overview


Action, Adventure

Release Date

June 2016


Ryan Witmer


Atari 5200

Ratcatcher is a simple arcade style game for three players, largely inspired by Mario Bros. and Taito’s Zookeeper.

Ratcatcher features three-player simultaneous action as you and two friends (or enemies!) race to rack up the most points. Work with your partners, using the gates and water system to keep things under control, or undermine your competitors, leaving them in the depths as alligator food.

Programmed by Ryan Witmer with
additional artwork and graphics by Lou Graziani



One or Two Players

Challenging CPU Opponent

For Use With

North American and other NTSC television sets only

Compatible Controllers

Atari 5200(TM)

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