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Step onto the Game Grid and prove your skill!

Welcome to the disc arena, where only the strongest can survive!  Fight off waves of attackers with your deadly disc, block their attacks with expert timing, and beware the giant Identifier!

Game Overview



Release Date

May 2021


Ryan Witmer


Atari 5200

Intellidiscs is a conversion of the Mattel Intellivision’s classic Deadly Discs game to the Atari 5200.

It features all of the enemies and action of the original game, plus a four-player arena battle mode for challenging your friends.  Find out who is master of the Game Grid!

Programmed by Ryan Witmer

Music and sound effects by Bobby Clark

Special thanks to Vladimir Zuñiga for Identifier graphic design



One to four players

Single player and competitive battle modes


For Use With

North American and other NTSC television sets only

Compatible Controllers

Atari 5200 joysticks

Upcoming Game

Fairy Force
Champion Edition

The awesome sequel you’ve been waiting for!

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