It’s the final shot of the 10th end, and as the skip of the national team you’ve called a great game. The problem is that your opponents have called a better one. You’re down by one point, and they’ve got two scoring rocks, but your best rock is third.

Do you take the safe draw around the left side and force a tie, turning over the hammer to your opponents in the extra end? Or do you go for the risky double-takeout and hope to stick the shooter, winning the game right here?

Game Overview



Release Date

October 2018


Ryan Witmer


Atari 5200

Authentic curling action comes to your Atari 5200 with RealSports Curling!

RealSports Curling supports up to 8 players and features a skilled computer opponent. Players must carefully aim and sweep their shots while adjusting to changing strategic situations. Games range in length from 1 to 10 ends.



One or Two Players

Challenging CPU Opponent

For Use With

North American and other NTSC television sets only

Compatible Controllers

Atari 5200(TM)

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