The world of Phaser Cat already includes games stretching from sewers deep underground, to magical realms and even obscure sports! 
Find out more about our game offerings below:

Magical Fairy Force

The evil Zevasha has invaded beautiful Fairy Land! Queen Sugar and her allies rise up to defend their land from the evil fairy queen and her forces! As one of eight characters, fight through intense battles until you come face-to-face with Zevasha’s beastly pet and ultimately the evil queen herself. Choose your character and decide- will you save Fairy Land or conquer it?


Rats have infested the city sewers! Round ’em up for big points, but beware of the alligators lurking in the pipes!

Paralyzing sewer gas and shocking ball lightning have been seen on deeper levels, and mysterious gremlins prowl in the darkness. The city water system can save you… or end your career early!

Real Sports Curling

It’s the final shot of the 10th end, and as the skip of the national team, you’ve called a great game. The problem is that your opponents have called a better one. You’re down by one point, and they’ve got two scoring rocks, but your best rock is third.

Do you take the safe draw around the left side and force a tie, turning over the hammer to your opponents in the extra end? Or do you go for the risky double-takeout and hope to stick the shooter, winning the game right here?

Intellidiscs Screen Shot


Welcome to the Game Grid!  Armed only with a powerful flying disc, fight off waves of attackers in a desperate battle for survival.

Jam open doors to create escape routes, block enemy discs to buy yourself some time, and beware the giant Identifier!  Damage its eye if you can for big points!

Magical Fairy Force: Champion Edition

The war for Fairy Land continues!

A greatly expanded and enhanced version of the Atari 5200 original, Champion Edition features twice the characters, several new game modes, features, and extensive story content.

Decide the fate of Fairy Land and explore the secrets of the past in a new fight for survival!

Intellidiscs Screen Shot
Intellidiscs Screen Shot

Rob ‘n’ Banks

Grab the loot and make your escape!

The master thieves Rob and Banks are going after the biggest banks in the city, but the cops are hot on their trail.  Collect the gold coins, snag the treasures, and get out of there before the game is up! 

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