The war for Fairy Land continues!

Magical Fairy Force: Champion Edition is an expanded and improved version of the Atari 5200 original for Linux and Windows PCs.

The Atari cast returns with all new designs and new attacks, and are joined by eight all-new characters!

A new four-player team mode and numerous tournament options enhance game play.  Features tons of great extras like match replays, a character color edit mode, and a full media gallery with character information, art, videos, and music from the game’s production!

A re-telling of the events in the Atari 5200 original, Champion Edition features all new story content and digs deeper into the mysterious history of Fairy Land and its inhabitants.  What is the secret in Queen Sugar and Zevasha’s past?  How far will Dominic go in his quest to conquer Earth?  What mysterious affliction is Princess Caramel suffering from?  Can 7ZC-BX overcome her programming and escape the life of an expendable soldier?  Will Kitty allow anyone to pet him?  Play the game and find out!

Game Overview


Action, Adventure, Shooter


Linux, Windows

Fly, shoot, survive.  Take control of one of sixteen characters and fight for the future of Fairy Land.

Queen Sugar and her allies seek to save Fairy Land from the evil Zevasha’s invasion.  The evil queen has her own forces and wants to blaze a path of destructive vengeance.  Others fight for their own goals, looking to save themselves, avenge past crimes, or simply profit from the opportunities that war provides.

No matter your choice, the battle awaits you!  It’s time to decide Fairy Land’s fate.

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